Elit-Tile, or the Ceramic Tile World Triennial, was launched to promote the making and use of tiles as a conceptual medium, architectural ornamentation, or cultural artifact.

For fifthteen years and five editions, Elit-Tile brought to the Dominican Republic the fantastic work of top ceramists around the world. The first edition in 1999 gathered 61 artists from 15 countries, the last one in 2014 summed up 311 artists from 112 countries, a testament to the prestige of Elit-Tile and the popularity of the ceramic tile.

Even if Elit-Tile events came to an end, we are keeping this website as a reference for everyone interested in the ceramic tile and arts.

Why elit?

Taken from the word elite, it means the outmost, that which excels. Elit-Tile is an event for and to the excellence of ceramic tile. We work hard to make it the most important ceramic tile event worldwide, in a Caribbean setting.

Why tile?

Although the Spanish word for tile is azulejo, we use the English word tile.. In Spanish too, when their sides are shorter than 6 inches they are called mosaicos while the minute ones are called olambrillas. Regarding ceramics, a tile might be an olambrilla, a mosaico, an azulejo, a baldosín, a loseta or rather a small plate with or without relief.

Grupo Proyecta

Created in Santo Santo Domingo in 1968, by Dominican artists Domingo Liz(f), Ada Balcácer, Fernando Peña Defilló(f), Gaspar Mario Cruz(f), Leopoldo Pérez, Luis Felipe Félix Gontier, Thimo Pimentel and Ramón Oviedo(f), the PROYECTA group constituted a shock in the context of plastic arts at a national level, which opted for creative freedom without concessions. This group is where Elit-Tile comes from.


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