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Fifth Ceramic Tile World Triennial

elit-tile 2014

Igneri Foundation is proud to announce its Fifth Ceramic Tile World Triennial or elit-tile 2014.

elit-tile has been launched to promote the making and use of tile as conceptual medium, architectural ornamentation or personal/cultural artifact. This new edition of elit-tile will be dedicated to master Aquiles Azar García.

Our program of activities will last more than 23 months and start on the first week of september 2013. It will end on the first week of January 2015. The activities will a solo exhibit of Mr Aquiles Azar and will continue with the opening of the Triennial exhibition at the MUSEO DE ARTE MODERNO (MAM) in Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic WI. Some other solo and collective exhibits will be opened as part of the program along with workshops, interactive presentations, slide data shows, performances, photography exhibits on tile as well as seminars and other concurrent activities. This array of events will be part of the 23 month long Triennial celebration.

Why elit?

Taken from the word elite, it means the outmost, that which excels. elit-tile 2013/2014 is an event for and to the excellence of ceramic tile. We work hard to make it the most important ceramic tile event worldwide, in a Caribbean setting.

Why tile?

Although the Spanish word for tile is azulejo, we use the English word tile.. In Spanish too, when their sides are shorter than 6 inches they are called mosaicos while the minute ones are called olambrillas. Regarding ceramics, a tile might be an olambrilla, a mosaico, an azulejo, a baldosín, a loseta or rather a small plate with or without relief.